A recent Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request revealed that as of May 31 of this year, CBP expelled 30,806 children ages 3 and under to Mexican border cities where they suffer in dangerous conditions. 41 percent of these expulsions occurred at midnight or later.

Title 42 is the cause for these expulsions. This misguided public health measure continues to actively put babies and children in harm’s way, contributing to family separation, and disproportionately affecting Black migrants and asylum seekers. As we recognize the one year anniversary of the cruelty experienced by Haitian asylum seekers by Customs and Border Patrol in Del Rio, we stand in solidarity with Black migrants and others in urging our nation’s leaders to end Title 42.   

Learn more about the harms of Title 42 and how it is impacting children in this fact sheet. Please uplift this resource among your networks to push the Biden administration and Congress to end this poisonous policy and to welcome asylum seekers with dignity.

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