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Washington, D.C. – From expanding extra-judicial deportations to retaliating against cities who refuse to enforce federal immigration law, the Trump administration is threatening to kick immigration enforcement into overdrive over the next few weeks.

Millions of children in the United States live with a parent at risk of deportation, a frightening scenario for any child, and the pandemic has only added to their stresses. Research is clear that stability in childhood dramatically improves one’s future success. Toxic stress in children can cause long-term mental and physical damage. If we want to prioritize all of our nation’s children, we need to protect their families.

The Children Thrive Action Network (CTAN) published a new toolkit, “Protecting Immigrant Families Facing Deportation,” to help families and communities speak out against immigration enforcement that harms children and mitigate the consequences. The toolkit is available at

“Protecting Immigrant Families Facing Deportation” includes Know Your Rights resources from various legal groups, in nearly three dozen languages; guidance on expedited removal from Immigrant Legal Resource Center; and tools for health care professionals, teachers, and social service providers to help families, including information on parental rights and financial issues. In addition to the nuts and bolts resources for assisting immigrant families, it also features advocacy tools. 

The “Protecting Immigrant Families Facing Deportation” toolkit is made possible due to the tremendous expertise of the organizations whose resources are included. 

Read more about CTAN at Does your organization support the mission of CTAN and want to work together to achieve a stronger society for all children? Join us here.


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